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Why I bought Fork Mountain Raceway
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Written by french   
January 18, 2010
My dream as a child was to be a mechanic, get a piece of ground, build a garage and live over the shop. I still live over my shop. I have raced most of my life and have succeeded in building a national races series based on passionate volunteers working to preserve racing for the little guy. No one involved, including myself, is paid. Our rules, sanctions, and organizational help is available at no cost, to like minded groups throughout the country. I was able to buy Fork Mountain Raceway by selling my farm. I hoped that we could take these concepts and build a place where local families could participate in the fun of racing. I also hoped that we could run a couple of RaceSaver races each year at Fork Mountain. Here are some hard facts: The local economic conditions have changed dramatically. Racing is in danger of destroying itself because of costs. Racing can't happen without racetracks. Very few racetracks make money. The rest struggle to survive. Tracks are sold or closed because they lost money. Fighting, intentional wrecking, and chaos may be WWF style entertainment,but it is not racing, and it will drive real race fans away. The internet is a wonderful resource for fans and racers, and has dramatically changed the way racers and fans interact. Race results and story lines are no longer fresh news for the weekly racing publications, which had had to adapt or fail. Instant communication is a fact of life. The blessing of the internet comes with responsibility and consequences. One consequence is the power it gives to opinions, both positive and negative. All track owners are aware of the power of the internet. But, when dominated by a small anonymous group, posting consistently negative attacks and outright lies, the result is not productive. Nobody ever bought a racetrack to lose money, break up fights, and cause fans and racers to hate them. A track owner has a large investment in racing. He must, by desire and reality, try to be part of the solution. He may fail to meet expectations, but he steadfastly tries. The same cannot be said for people who try to destroy everything that does not suit their selfish mood of the moment. It does not require any thought, work, or money to criticize without offering a workable solution. Those opinions are worthless. Valuable criticism offers a plan and the means to implement positive change. Thomas Paine, a well known member of our founding fathers said: " If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." Our country was founded by men and women who risked everything for a better future. This is a lesson to be cherished. French Grimes
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